Coral is spending the Spring ('11) of her Junior year studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Only a few more days left...

So I haven't been the best at keeping up with this blog. I guess I've just been too absorbed in school work and experiencing Europe/ Copenhagen. I've had many more travels since I last posted... Paris, Scotland, Berlin, Iceland, England, and Sweden. My parents have visited. I've finished my classes and had oh so many amazing adventures!

I am so grateful for the time I've spent here. It has been incredible. In the midst of packing and reviewing for my final exam, I'm feeling sad to leave but excited to begin a new chapter(s) in my life. Summer Post-Denmark, Senior Year at Bowdoin, Time Post-Undergrad... There are many wonderful adventures lying on my horizon and I feel beyond blessed to have this abroad experience to look back on for strength and happy memories.

Here are a few pictures from the last two months to give you a taste of what I've been up to...

I went to Paris with my Impressionism Class. This is us! How amazing it was to study art works and then experience them in a city I've been dreaming of visiting my entire life!
I went with my host-sister. We had a blast!
Iceland was probably the most beautiful place I've ever been to in my entire life. 
I traveled there with my Vikings and Sagas class. What a great group of people! I had so much fun! 
We went riding on Icelandic horses. It was very cool and the outfits were to die for...
The last day we went to the Blue Lagoon, an exquisite naturally heated lagoon. It was luxurious!
Two sets of amazing parents! 
We did lots of wonderful city exploring and although it may have been raining this first day we lucked out with incredible weather the rest of the time!


Mom and I went to London for the day. Stop One was the Globe Theater.
 We also went to Big Ben, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, etc. It was a great, sunny day!

We were visiting our dear family friends, who I consider family, in England. I stayed for a few days after my parents left. This is Hil, Sebastian, and I on Easter.
I went to Malmรถ, Sweden for the day and biked around. This is one of their famous monuments, the Turning Torso.  It's a very sustainable city and it had the coolest library I've ever seen! I had a good time.
A Night at the Opera House. I went to see the Royal Ballet. So much fun!
This was at the final DIS picnic. Shortly after this picture was taken I decided to jump into the Ocean in Denmark! 
My friend Amy and I on top of the Round Tower a few blocks from school.
I went on a sail boat for the day with the organization I volunteered for this semester. It was such a treat! I loved being out on the ocean.
My Art Matters teacher had recommended we check out this Graffti Park in Copenhagen. Amy and I were so impressed.  I wasn't so sure about all the spray cans littering the ground but there was some incredible art!
After that trip we had a really enjoyable girls night!
Tomorrow is the Concluding Ceremony and then Wednesday I'm off to Tivoli Gardens! I'm glad I've done this update even if it isn't fully adequate. Thanks for reading! Hugs!

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  1. Thanks Coral---I'd been checking and am glad to see your last update.....can't wait to catch up in the fall unless I run into you in SoPo or TJ's this summer. Christine (OCS)